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 Balla Powder Tingle Formula Review

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PostSubject: Balla Powder Tingle Formula Review   Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:41 pm

Balla Powder Tingle Formula is the third addition to the Balla Powder product line. The Tingle formula was designed to give you the same dryness and freshness of the original formula and Fragrance Free Formula, but with a little kick. Just like the other two products in the Balla line, Tingle formula keeps your nether regions high and dry, while keeping them smelling fresh even under the most extenuating circumstances.

I have previously written reviews on both the Original Formula and the Fragrance Free formula and the Tingle formula is up to par in keeping you as dry and fresh as both of the other 2 products in the balla line. A simple application in the morning and your “Boyz” are going to be dry and fresh all day long and into the evening. Living in Orlando Florida sweating is a way of life, but sweating down there doesn’t have to be anymore now that we at themetroman found Balla Powder.

So how does the Tingle Powder differ from the other two products from Balla recently mentioned? The Tingle formula is marketed as a tingling sensation upon application. I noticed more of a cooling sensation upon application and for about 30 minutes afterwards. It felt almost like a menthol coolness. It really woke me up after my morning shower. I’m not sure if this product is for everyone, but I personally liked the cooling feeling as I walked outside in the Florida heat. It was kind of a reassuring feeling knowing that my “Boyz” were protected from heat and perspiration.

In Conclusion, Balla Powder Tingle Formula provides all of the protection of the Original Formula while providing a little kick to the nether regions. I like all of the products in the Balla Powder line, but I have to say I think the Tingle Formula is my new favorite. It really wakes me up in the morning and reminds me of my manly prowess as I get ready to face another day in the concrete jungle.
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Balla Powder Tingle Formula Review
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