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 Amenity The Balm Review

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PostSubject: Amenity The Balm Review   Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:14 pm

Amenity The Balm was designed to actually heal your hands, feet, elbows or any other part of your body that is dry and or cracked. We have tried many body and hand lotions and this is by far one of our favorites. Amenity’s Balm is a thick lotion, almost a paste that delivers concentrated healing nutrients and moisture to any part of your body that you apply it to. I have very dry hands and I used this product for only a week before I saw a complete turnaround in my hands appearance and feel. I highly recommend Amenity The Balm is you have dry skin anywhere on your body. This stuff is amazing and I guarantee that it will make your skin soft and healthy to the touch.

Unlike many body lotions that are meant to add moisture for a short period of time and to cover large areas of your body. Amenity Balm was designed to be applied to problematic areas of your body that need actual healing, not just extra moisture for the day. I love using this product for my hands. I get lots of hang nails at the edge of my cuticles and The Balm really helps minimize that and keep my hands looking and feeling healthy.
Another great use for this product is on your feet. Men’s feet are some of the most over looked body parts and are usually the part of a man’s body that needs the most care. Avoid the embarrassment of having dry ashy cracked feet the next time your at the pool or beach. Having ashy feet sends the wrong message for anyone that you are trying to impress. Amenity The Balm is great at healing your dry feet and making them look healthy and youthful looking.

Dry and ashy elbows is another over looked aspect of a man’s body that can be treated with this great body balm. Unlike your feet, your elbows are usually seen by others on a daily basis. Dry skin is not attractive any where on the body, but is especially unattractive when everyone sees it on a daily basis.

Another great thing about this product is that a little goes a long way. A dime size amount is plenty to moisturize and heal any part of your body. The 5.5 oz tube will last up to 90 days with normal use, so it is really a cost effective way to treat dry skin anywhere on your body.

If you really want to heal your dry skin and not just mask it, Amenity The Balm is the way to go. I highly recommend this product to any man or woman who has dry hands, feet or elbows and wants a treatment not just a cover up.
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PostSubject: Re: Amenity The Balm Review    Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:06 pm

Hello Admin, Thanks for this useful post, I found it so compelling and accurate. The another thing I want to discus is defense soap. The natural ingredients in Defense Soap have been clinically proven to destroy MRSA, RINGWORM, STAPH, IMPETIGO, JOCK ITCH, ATHLETES FOOT and even viruses like HERPES.
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Amenity The Balm Review
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