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 Avoid Ruining Your Hair System and Full Lace Wig

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PostSubject: Avoid Ruining Your Hair System and Full Lace Wig   Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:41 am

The entire wig and hair industry has been completely revamped, since lace front wigs and full lace wigs have gain tremendous popularity due to celebrities like Beyonce. Ordinary individuals such as you and me who may have once feared the thought of wearing a wig, lace frontal, closure or toupee are now reconsidering due to the undetectable nature of these units. In addition, those that have been wearing hair systems or hair extensions as a life style are more intrigued by the product and once worn; they quickly become fascinated and addicted to the unit, making it their only realistic solution.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, these types of lace units are that amazing that most people become addicted to wearing them. However some fail to acknowledge or realize how delicate they are and tend to destroy their first unit in as little as one month.

The top three things that people do to ruin their hair system or full lace wig:

1.Brush it too often and to vigorously. It seems to be a common trend with many women to feel as though they must brush their hair every other hour. However its not as simple as running a comb through it, they tend to grab the most strongest brush ideal for synthetic fibre and vigorously brush their unit. When doing so, it is literary pulling the cuticles right out of the lace, hence causing it to shed excessively.

2.Washing the unit every other day. One must come to a realization that the hair system worn is not stemming from their actual scalp, therefore you must aim to retain the moisture of the hair as long as possible. You can achieve this by avoiding washing the hair no more than once every two weeks. This will maintain its texture and moisture longevity.

3.Styling it with heat on a daily basis. Using heat on your unit daily will dry out the hair, just as it would with your actual hair, which will then result in tangling and shedding. Therefore to avoid running your lace front human hair wigs and hair system and increase its longevity it recommended to follow the following tips:

1.Avoid brushing 2.Avoid straightening it more than once a month 3.Avoid getting one that is too curly 4.Moisturize it often 5.Use water and conditioner when attempting to activate the curl 6.Only use your fingers when removing tangles 7.Wash only once a month
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PostSubject: Re: Avoid Ruining Your Hair System and Full Lace Wig   Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:31 am

I don't have much knowledge about this, after reading this I got some very interesting and useful information. Thanks for sharing it. Keep sharing such type of information in future too.
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Avoid Ruining Your Hair System and Full Lace Wig
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