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 Skin problem help

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PostSubject: Skin problem help   Skin problem help EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 7:51 pm

Hi all, just recently joined on the forum after finding it in a quick search. My skins been a bit of a problem for me lately. Well lately probably equals a few years now, I'm fairly young only 19 its only been around a year and a half when I've gotten into my skincare before then I wasn't so bothered I'd just use facewash and leave it at that. However recently I've changed that and moisturize, use face wash and exfoliate. Not all perfect but a small improvement. My main concern with my skin is the clarity and feel of it. The majority of my face feels fine and smooth slightly not perfect but its okay. My skin around my forehead seems to be the problem no matter what products I seem to use I struggle to keep it clear, skin there feels bumpy as if spots are there however they don't appear visible however theres some light marks I was just wondering if there's anything I can use to get rid of these little bumps on my forehead along with the small marks.

Sorry for such a lengthy first post and thanks in advance for any replies
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Skin problem help
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