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 Anthony logistics sea salt body scrub Review

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PostSubject: Anthony logistics sea salt body scrub Review   Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:32 pm

Anthony logistics sea salt body scrub was designed to give your skin a deep clean and exfoliate your skin while you wash yourself in the shower. It has a plethora of ingredients that are designed to clean your skin deep down while moisturizing at the same time. Sea salt is a natural exfoliate and astringent, it is the perfect ingredient to naturally exfoliate your skin while not over drying it.

I usually use a glycerin-based soap bar, but due to the popularity of the Anthony logistics sea salt body scrub I decided to give it a try. So as I normally do every morning I hopped in the shower and grabbed the sea salt body scrub. I opened the bottle and squeeze a little into the palm of my hand so that I could examine the color, scent and texture of the scrub.

First thing I noticed was its deep rich blue color. I'm pretty sure that the coloring comes from the natural sea kelp and the aloe vera juice that is in this body scrub. The next thing I noticed was the scent; it has a very clean and subtle fragrance that I really liked. It has a similar scent to the Anthony logistics algae facial cleanser which I also liked. Next I press my palms together to see the texture of the scrub you see if you can really feel the sea salt. You can definitely feel the sea salt in this body scrub, Anthony logistics did not skimp on the exfoliating ingredient in this product.

So now to try it out on my body. I worked the body scrub and between my hands until I had created a nice lather. I applied it to my shoulders and arms first and noticed that it spreads very easily and evenly on the skin. I could definitely tell that the salt crystals were doing their job immediately. You could really feel them as she moved her hand across your skin.

As with most body washes if you want to get the most for your money and want to use least amount of product properly cover your body you need to use a loofah. So I grabbed my trusty loofah and applied a medium amount about a quarter sized worth I would say evenly on to the loofah. I worked the loofah in my hands and was rewarded with a huge amount of suds. As I expected while using loofah I got more suds than by using my hands.

So I started to scrub away at my body until every last part was clean and then rinsed off. As Anthony logistics promised, there was no residue or film left on my skin. After completing my normal shower routine, I hopped out and dried myself off. I ran my hand across my now dry skin you see how it felt. I noticed immediately that my skin felt really soft and really clean. I had never used a body scrub before and I was definitely impressed that the results. And this was just the first time I used it.

Anthony logistics sea salt body scrub was not designed to be an everyday body wash. It was designed to be used two to three times a week to Clean off dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. If you over do it nothing bad will happen per se, but it might be a little too much for your skin.

Overall I really enjoyed Anthony logistics sea salt body scrub, it was the first one I've ever tried and I was extremely impressed with the results. I can definitely say that I will be using this product three times a week from now on. If you are looking to exfoliate your skin or washing away dead skin cells and want to smell great after your shower I recommend that you give this men's body scrub a try.
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Anthony logistics sea salt body scrub Review
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