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 Balla Powder Original Review

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PostSubject: Balla Powder Original Review   Balla Powder Original Review EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 6:39 pm

Before Contacting Balla Powder and requesting samples to try, I had never tried a product like this before. It seemed like a great idea and considering that I live in Florida which is one of the most hot and humid places around, I thought that it would be a great product to help with sweating in the lower extremities. Balla Powder was designed by men who know the perils of a clammy sack and sweating in the nether regions. They created Balla Powder to be an easy once a day application product that kept your “Boys” dry all day. They created 3 different variations of the product, Original Formula, Tingle Formula and Fragrance Free Formula.

Balla Powder comes in a very discreet looking black bottle and has a built in dispenser that does not allow the powder to pour out and go everywhere. Very helpful in the morning when you are not firing on all cylinders. Balla Powder is very easy to apply, you simply sprinkle a little on your hand and rub the area’s you want to keep dry. Very easy! You can also use it for your feet, underarms or rear section.

During my first use of the Balla Powder Original Formula I instantly noticed the clean and crisp scent that it had. The scent was not chemically at all; it was a very pleasant smelling product. Upon applying it, my undercarriage felt instantly dry and cool. A quick rub around the “Boys” and I was ready to face the day clean, smelling fresh and dry.

I went about my day as normal, took care of a few Metro Man type things, Went to the gym and worked out really hard for over an hour and not once did I perspire down there. I was really amazed at how absorbent Balla Powder really is. Not a drop of sweat after a rigorous workout.

I truly recommend Ball Powder for anyone who wants to feel fresh and clean all day every day. Great for date night, nights on the town, or any other night where you would want to have your entire package clean and fresh.
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Balla Powder Original Review
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