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 Shaving Basics

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PostSubject: Shaving Basics   Shaving Basics EmptyTue Mar 19, 2013 6:05 am

You need a good razor with a fresh, sharp blade. The multi-blade cartridge razors are great, but you can still get a great shave with a disposable if you do it right.

2. You need a shaving brush, preferably one made of badger’s hair, because that’s the only fiber that will carry water from the sink up to your face to give you the best lather.

3. You need hot water, which you apply to your face for some time before you start shaving. The best way to do this is to wash your face in the shower, then soak your face with a hot, moist facecloth for a minute or two before shaving. You also need a bowl of hot water to refresh your razor as you go.

4. You need to shave with the grain in short strokes of no more than an inch or two, between which you wet your razor in hot water.

5. You need to make sure to reduce friction between your razor and your face as much as you can. Even though you should never hold your razor hard against your face, the best shave will leave you feeling as though the razor is gliding effortlessly across your hair follicles -- like a Lawn-Boy rather than a push-mower. This last rule explains why we use shaving cream, but it also explains why most shaving creams, foams and ointments let us down. If you can feel the razor rubbing against your face, your shaving cream has failed in its singular task -- to lubricate your skin.

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Amazing thanks for sharing it, very helpful for me.
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Shaving Basics
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